Swamp Docta Bio

Hear it from the Swamp Docta himself

    My Real Name is Nick Rapp, Who in Character is the Swamp Docta.. Within the Realm of his Gardens and this Reality.
I am Here to teach ways and the views of other realms that I travel in. From making sense of my life challenges and progressions in Metaphorical Ways to These Worlds that are Visited; when there is a deep form of (various methods) meditation / being aware of my missions within my Lucid Dreaming. For We are All Connected within the Inter Realms... You just need to learn how to tap into the power, of self Creation & Living Life Lucidly.. a.k.a Lucid Living.

Discovering the Gardens 

    The name Lucid Gardens was thought of, on my way to Marco Island, Fl... back in 2008. Going down the ole' bumpy ass road.. jamming out to 311, Smoking a joint, and thinking about my recent understanding of the Concept of Lucid Dreaming, along with Understanding the Power within the Mind.
At the time, I was into making silly videos on YouTube and went by "House of Rapp Studios". I needed a new name, to go by one day. (didn't start Utilizing the Name Until 2012 via instagram)
     I was thinking of a land where you can mentally plant your ideas, Like taking control of your dreams.. But tend to them.. grow and fail.. fail and prevail from your mental gardening and creating.. There then grew a Journey.. The understanding of the Journey Within and Understanding your Calling... Your "Soul Mission". 
Understand that the View around you, is in various forms.. in alternate Frequencies.. Alternate Realities.. Just Keep Planting, And.. Watch. It. Grow.

I am here, so i think i am

   The first Dream or Memory that I feel like I have, was about being in a land of clouds.. Approaching a tent.. with a Wiseman or Two or few. Handing me information, said something.. than I got Sucked away at Light Speed.. Traveling through the Fog of a Clouded World.. Flying down to a city.. to a window.. then BAM!... I'm here in the world.. September 28th, 1989. In the fun lil "not a real place" (according to a note on a door in 2010), New Brunswick, NJ. I was born a Month early, but... Apparently, RIGHT. ON. TIME. (I love that shit)
    Where after Moving to Florida in 2003 to 2008 (age 13 to 19).. I moved back to New Brunswick to escape the cultural dead end town of Naples, FL.. (to move back in 2011, on my 22nd birthday)
    New Brunswick was where I got deeper in the Lucid Gardens with my art work, as I lived the Experimental Life.. Living Life in the Litterbox (story for another time).. Was where I learned to go deeper into dreaming and understanding my artist & inter-self.. to years later.. Many lessons... many mistakes... many accomplishments., also had my awesome son Zen Rapp... had a changed my line of work and.. HERE I AM, to Share my Time and Visons with you. 

Inspiration of a Transplant, Sight Continues Onward...

   2005, I had An Injury That I Thought had Changed my Life for the Worst. It had Caused Mental and Self-Confidence Sabotage at the Time. Which it Had Taken Years to build from. But Instead... I Had taken it for an Oar, Instead of An Anchor.
   After Having a Cornea Transplant after a Knife Injury to My Eye (between the ages of 15 & 16), [along with an Artificial Lens sutures inside my eye & missing a chunk of my iris], I had Later Looked at Myself One Day in the Mirror to Realize (roughly 2009).. I am Living for Another.
   Having No idea Who the Person was, How They Died, What they Wanted to Do In Life, What have they Done for Better or for Worse.. What was Their Story? I may Never Know Their Story Before me.. However, Through my Eyes, They Live on... Through the Story of I.
   The Last Bit of life that Traveled thru their Eyes before they Laid to Rest.. Through the Eyes that Have seen their life for whatever it was they done. Their Soul Window.. Was then Mine.  For me To Live for Another. To keep Giving them A View.. For Them to Me.. To Me to Them...

Planted Seeds and Harvested Blossoms

  2018, Was The Time I broke free and set my Artist Boundaries to Infinity. Said fuck, it, I am going for it! 
   I Sold my First Original Art Piece (at Whiskey Park, Naples during open mic art table), Made my First Prints, Set Up my First Art Table with my friend Alex (travelarttravelart) at the Fort Myers Art Walk (where I sold my first print), Did my first Mural & Art Adventure in Wynwood, as well as Find a Sick Joint in a case and get gifted a bunch of Spray Paint from this British Artist "MyDogSigh".. Which led to me doing My First Mural and Public Art Work . All between November and December 2018.
   This Mural was also Recreated into a Gel Pen Drawing, That Became my First Original Art Sale. This All stemmed from a doodle that I did after a Psychedelic Experience. To be turned into a mural in Wynwood, to be turned into a a 16"x20" drawing and sold at Whiskey Park Bar. That is what I mean about Planting Seeds...

I thought to Be, to be me.. free of me who i was not to be

   2019, Was a Time for me to fight the struggle.. Close my Company.. Fight Not to get a Second Job.. to Leaving Time open for Art and Music Gigs.. and Giving my Time to Practice and Perfect my Skills and Creating my Visons as I See them on another side. The year I chose to start again.. Find Myself. Understand My Desires.. My Dreams.. My Past of The Future... How to Obtain it. It took me working many hours.. to make a living while making time For Myself and my Son. (ironically named Zen_ finding that too lol)
   Winter 2019, I started my First LIVE Painting at Music Events/ Open Mics, Thank You to my Good Friend Frankie Colt. Along With My first Commissions, and Art Products.. Leading to doing more Art Opportunities. My Son also had then Began to Experience going to Art Events and Wanting to Become an Artist himself. Zen Isaac Rapp is 7 yrs old, and He would like to host a Kids Art Class at the Humble Hut. I fuckn love that Kid.
   Summer Time Came, and I had Been granted an Opportunity at Celebration Park Naples... to do some Public Art ( a sick ass mural, painting tables, a bathroom, planters.. etc). And has Led to many things things to this day in the New Bayshore Art District, Naples. As seen in the Community News Area and The Humble Hut Coffee Lounge.
   Come Fall, The Vanventure that Changed it All for me. Buying a Dark Blue, 2003 E250 Van, building it out with a small bed.. super cozy... homey, with room for my Brother Sage to Sleep his Ass (I mean that to be funny) on the Floor. Also My personal High End Van Meal Chef. The first time I had gone 30 days.. about 23 more days in a row that I had been off work in the Past 9 years, of Building Fences and once owning a Fence Company. Which really put a lot of strain on my Mental and Physical Health. 
 Maybe mainly Mental lol.
   The Vanventure to NJ for my buddy's Wedding and shoot across to Santa Cruz (all canyons are awesome along the way), really Changed My Perception.. and Made me Realize what The Important Aspects of Life are.. and Ways that I Can Obtain them. Something About Just.. GOING FOR IT.
   Came Back to make it to Celebrations Park for their First Art Walk.. and A couple weeks Later I made it to my 2nd Wynwood Art Adventure, To do my Second Public Spray Paint Mural. Camped Out in the Parking lot, that is Surrounded by a giant concrete wall that is Covered in Art. Right Across the way from Veza Sur Brewery.

as timing all works out, in ways unexplained

    2020, Started off with me Hosting my First Music Event at Bean to Cup Coffee Shop in Bayshore. Started Playing Gigs With Danielle Brittany at South Street Bar & Celebration Park (where we mostly played for tips). Lots of Opportunity for Live Art & Event Markets.. Then.. BAM!! Artist and Musician Path Completely Redirected my Path of Influence of Public Growth. 
   How ever that did not keep me down.. the Weekend before the Florida Lockdown, I went to Wynwood to Protest and Unite for what was about it Happen. With a Gas Mask and A sign Playing for Toilet Paper ("Need Tee Pee For My Bunghole"). After Making about $11 & getting some Last Great Encounters with Strangers for months to Come.. I bought a pack of Camel Blues, went out for the night, and woke up in my van..
     After just rolling with the punches of all of the new rules and ways of living.. I simply went outside more.. did more art.. instead of going out to play every open mic and event.. I Used that Time and Money to do other things.. Buy more art supplies. A LOT OF SPRAY PAINT. Started selling More Art in this time frame. The Visions that I was Getting were Immense. The opportunities for Public Graffiti was Real, in this Artificial Town of Naples.. (but it's dahm beautiful and really clean >.<) With the Public Distracted. A project or two had happened. I made some sort of Impact on some in the Community.
    As I devoted my Extra Money to Spray Paint, and Covered A Lot of the Employee Head Quarters out at the Old Port of the Isles Hotel. Which turned into many connections and publicity. At First I didn't know what to expect, thought maybe I was bulletproof because of the chaos in the world at the moment.. As Closures, Panic, and Protests Spread.. I was Heavily Influenced and Painted My Visions & Messages that I felt during this Time of Chaos. The Locals Loved it. Strangers Loved it.
    As The year Led on.. I made more genuine Connections. People that need to See and Hear some of these Things. Then Came Things Working out to Meeting my Love, my Cosmic Mermaid Swamp Goddess; Natacha. Which Has been Quite the Muse for my Mind and Quite the Right Lover for my Soul. Now Opening the Humble Hut, as I also Started an Artistic / Handyman Business called "Mindful Services".
   The Year of Many Seeds... 2020...

Living the Past of the Future, as Intended 

   2021, two Days in.. I did a Mural in the Cape at Ollie's Pub & Records about Saving the World, with a Minor Inconvenience of Collateral Damage. As Truth Be told.. is how the World is Saved. Any way, some weeks later.. I tested Positive with the Corona Virus... Which forced me not to Work for Two Weeks, Giving me Time to Really Think About Life changes & Work On My Latest Painting (L42 Train), Which I was Able to put so much Time and Effort into. Due to my Normal Hectic Busy lifestyle.. It Would have taken me Months to Complete.
   As I went back to work, I went Back with A Different Perception. I Realized it was Time Again to Work for Myself Again. Which now is the "Mindful Services" business along with this.. "Lucid Gardens" Art stuff. With My Position as Art Manager at "Humble Hut".. The Endeavor that Natcaha (my swamp goddess, Matile (her mom), JP (the grandpa) are partaking in together, as I help build things and be there for them as much as I can.. Once Again in the Bayshore Art District. A place that I have Grown to Call a Good Homebase.  
   As of 3/22/21.. there is much to Meditate and Manipulate within the Matrix. 

A Look Through...

The Windows of My Soul and How the Lump Of Fat & Neurons Inside my Skull, Process the World...