"Seek to Exist"

The Second Chapter of a 5 part Series. 
   As "Arkbarz", steps down & ventures to the In-between with a simple call through the Portal ride on *Train 42*.. he Awakens to find a feminine Entity that ventures through a door way to the room of *Levels to Be Sought*… As they Cross Paths Right-On-Time, "Arkbarz" meets "Vyra". She is the Feminine Entity Lost in the In-Between of Dimensional Levels. Arkbarz, Being the God of the Moon of Fear, knows what he thinks is all, of making it Past the Lost-Self and Being Found.

   However, as He Guides Her... Showing her and Explaining to her all of the journeys that she will Seek to Exist... he Gives her the Way, Gives her The Journey to Exist. as he does that, He drops his Armor and Becomes a mere Being on the other side, as he drops his armor and plugs into the other side of her new Reality.. Arkbarz Becomes the Swamp Docta to Further Guide Vyra on the Other Side, Once Again as he Travels thru the realm of the "Port of Purgatory" Where he will...

*(to be continued in Chapter 3)*

The Swamp Docta (Nick Rapp) Produced and Art by: Nick Rapp a.k.a. Lucid Gardens Model: PichuPropaganda (on instagram) High

Quality Metal Prints w/ Acrylic finish available, Use Email for size and pricing below CLICK HERE

Featured Model: Rachel (IG:pichupropaganda) Location of Art: The Gardenia House - Naples, Fl - 3200 Bayshore Dr.

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Seek to Exist

Vyra & Arkbarz (Swamp Docta)

Within the "Levels of to be Sought"