Public Realm art

I Did My first Spray Paint Mural In Wynwood 2018, During Art Basel Week. To A Record Store In the Cape.
With An Abandoned Hotel In Between, Distant in the Everglades.. During The Beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, 2020.

Portal to Paradise

3200 Bayshore at the Gardenia House
Bayshore Art District

Ollie's Pub & Records

As I sit and Write the History on Our Walls. We will beg for history to change, but we will live the Destruction of It.. Every. Day. We Live in the Constant Aftermath of Changed World. Day.. by.. Day.. As we Record our Lives on the Eyes and Ears of the Bots Around Us. Looming in Self Destruction. Buckle Up.

Abandoned Hotel

Isles of Capri, Everglades
*cop pulls up: "did you call us?" Me: "what did you say??" *cop: "did you call us??" Me: "uhhh no I didn't.." *cop: okay thanks, have a good day" . . Calling it done. Besides the no paint money. Im satisfied. I'll call it the only COVID-19 ERA mural for miles. Top says "hang on tight & beelieve" Other part says "they care more for materials, than others". . just shining light on the truth of a dark time. Hopefully it brightens up more peoples days.. just like the several people that were exploring, that came up to me and showed their appreciation. 2020

Shhhh.. in the City

Midnight Banger... 2020

to The Gardens We Go

Put Down, to Lead to My Mural
From some park, bar, event center in Wynwood during Art Basel week. 2019

Carry on the Seed

Left: me 2019, this week in Wynwood. after a year of expanding the boundaries of my art
Not sure if I was more high from brain chemicals or from the paint 🤷‍♂️ Thanks to @illumanated_mindz for letting me paint next to him... This place rules... 2019

From Hi, He'll Grow

Right: 2018, this week.. fresh meat to doing public art, let alone doing spray painting that i never really tried at the time. Thanks to my buddy Al Blanco for dragging me against my will to go and got a shiton of free spray paint. from the Great Artist "MyDogSigh".  2018

Naples City Pump House

I seen an analogy here.. that's why I chose this spot. As the letter attached says.. . "Cures of 2020" "This fence represent how our system tried to hide 'big, loud, leaky issues'... We know it's there or you just never paid enough attention to know the problem exist.. For generations, upon generations of reoccurring issues... In which, major underlying issues are hidden behind a fence too short.. But tall enough to make it acceptable to the public majority... 'Doesn't directly effect me mentality (but it will in time) As technology prevails... We realize how different we are.. But how commonly human we are... We all want to be safe... And starts with the movements towards reform... Then maybe we can have a smaller, quite, not so leaky machine behind the fence.." We are all essential for a positive change. .

Abandoned Hotel

Isles of Capri, Everglades
"It's so fragile. We are here, but it hurts a lil bit... Just a bit..." -work in progress as of 5/9/20

Heal Ya Go

Spreading the love and perspective.. cant help it in the dark time.. Sorry not sorry.. 2020

Jeepers Platform B.A.D.

Run as far back as you can! Regrow. Reform. Renew. All of this, just for you. I grew, just for you. The changes, that followed thru. All the growth from me to you. Here's the story, of how I grew. To grow, just. For. You. 2020

Abandoned Hotel

Be freeeeee like the jelllyyyyy

It's Like Fertilizer paint

Keep adding. Keep recycling. Give back to what, once was. Thanks for the opportunity with @naplesnews today.. from the @bayshoreartsdistrict_naples ! growth, is important. 2020

Abandoned Hotel

Nice family art day ☺ "It's not given, but it gets forgotten.. the pain of growth.. looks from the window of destruction". 2020

abandoned Hotel

JUST A DROP. addicted to watching the world burn. Addicted to doing nothing. Addicted to being the problem. JUST. ONE. MORE. DROP.

Sides of Us

Being a Part of the Change in the Bayshore Area. As I worked on the side of the street.. I met Many. From the homeless, drug addicts.. to whatever you call "normal". they questioned with respect. and all and all.. a couple of people.. no matter of stature or life choices.. were able to find awh in my work or empowerment thru my words on the wall. Changing a little by Little. You. Are. Not. Alone. 2021

Just in Time...

Celebration Park 2021

 ...To Be Late...

Celebration Park 2021

...You Look Great

Celebration Park 2021

Light Meets Soil

AMERICA! COMIN IN HOT WITH GREAT CHANGE! COMIN IN HOT! BABY EAGLE LANDING! CLEAR THE WAY!!. Let us grow and strive from the settlement that gave life thru the cracks of where we walk. Where we Hated. Loved. Betrayed. Forgave. Its hard to get past, the past.. But our past is our future. So let's make it worth it 😄. . Yes.. its a legal fence.. Over at the Rusty Spur! Downtown Naples!

Endless is Limitless

Welcome to the broken realm. I saw a bunch of wings on walls. That people take pics in front of. So I had an epiphany, about an old tale.. how your wings will burn and you will fall to your death.. because of the heat of the sun. WELL WINGS NO MORE.. this jetpack runs on hopes and dreams! And these wings don't burn!! Go beyond your self! BLAST. THE.FUCK. OFF. 😄