"Patience of a Castaway Glitch"

    The First Chapter of a 5 part Series.
    Each Release will feature a Music Video and Photoshoot Release. The Plan is to make it into a Short Book & Short Film.
    A Psychedelic Story of The Inter-Healing and Freeing of Self Process. Be Patient... Be that Castaway Glitch, That Comes back with a New way but Knowledgeable of the Past Self. Remove the Pain from Inside. Become The Woman... The Man... that you have been set out to be. Divine Intervention can only be done so much. Remain on Track to your Soul Mission.
Music by: The Swamp Docta (Nick Rapp) Produced and Art by: Nick Rapp a.k.a. Lucid Gardens Model: PichuPropaganda (on instagram)

High Quality Metal Prints w/ Acrylic finish available, Use Email for size and pricing below CLICK HERE

Featured Model: Rachel (IG:pichupropaganda)
Location of Art: The Gardenia House - Naples, Fl - 3200 Bayshore Dr.

Patience of a Castaway Glitch

Meet... "Vyra", as she begins her journey of understanding Self.