Body Paint Series
*Patience of a Castaway Glitch*

Contains Semi - Nudity / Maturish Content

Castaway Glitch

Model: Rachel a.k.a. PichuPropaganda

Chapter 1:
"Patience of a Castaway Glitch"
August 2021

God of the Moon of Fear

Model: Nick Rapp

Chapter 2 intro
"Patience of a Castaway Glitch"
Sept 2021

Seek to Exist

Models: Rachel & Nick
Lucid Gardens

Chapter 2:
"Seek to Exist"
Sept 2021

Pump-Kiln Room

Models: Rachel / Nick/ Casey

Special Chapter for Halloween
"Divide the Divine Duality"
Oct 2021

Serene Salinity 

Models: Rachel & Nick PichuPropagada & Lucid Gardens

Chapter 3:
"Serene Salinity"
Nov 2021